Destination Playa Potrero Beach, Costa Rica

When considering international destinations for travel with your family, I highly recommend you not overlook Costa Rica! Costa Rica checks all of the boxes you’d want in a vacation destination from beaches to rain forests. Best of all, Costa Rica is a relatively easy destination to reach from the United States. It can be a bit of a challenge to narrow down what region of this amazing country you’d like to visit. Personally, I love Guanacaste Province and the beaches of Playa Potrero specifically.

On my last visit with my family, we flew into Liberia International, and made our way to Playa Potrero on the Pacific Coast. We were looking forward to some relaxation and time on the beach. As much as I have always loved adventures and active vacations, there is a wonderful sense here of time slowing to a crawl, and you can relax fully on the beach in Potrero in a way that is just not possible back home. The beautiful sunsets, relaxing beaches, and friendly people were wonderful, and from conversing with expats and locals, it seems these are the norm here in Potrero. Every place we went, we were greeted by, “Hola! Como Estas?” from locals and expatriated Americans alike. It is also not unheard of to see cows and beach dogs walking themselves along the beach. Even the dogs seem more laid back and friendly!

The beautiful beaches are the number one reason to come here. You could easily while away much of your visit on these gorgeous beaches and simply commit yourself to full relaxation. Enjoy the incredible sunsets either from the beach, or from the water on a sunset cruise with a nice cocktail. During the day, I personally enjoyed paddleboarding and boogie boarding, and both were readily available for rent. I also indulged my love for horseback riding, and could not think of a more wonderful spot to ride.

In summation, if relaxation is your goal, and beaches are your preferred vacation location, you will thoroughly enjoy the off the beaten path vibe offered in Playa Potrero.