Instead Of San Jose, How About Playa Potrero?

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Costa Rica, you’ve likely considered a visit to San Jose. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and the largest city. With 1.5 million residents in the metro area, San Jose is the epitome of a modern Central American city with all of the hustle and bustle you’d expect. If you’re looking for a centrally located big city Costa Rican cultural experience with all of the big city amenities such as museums, zoos, theatres, restaurants, and shopping, San Jose might be an excellent fit. If you are this type of traveler, then San Jose probably is a destination you will want to explore.

What if your goal is something completely different? What if you want to get off the beaten path? What about a place where time passes more slowly? What if you want to relax on the beach? Perhaps you want to go boogie boarding, paddlebarding or snorkeling? What if your goal is a laid back place with a slower pace? Perhaps you want to sip cocktails while enjoying a picturesque Pacific sunset. Maybe you’d like to eat some local food served by a friendly local at a “soda” or open air local owned mom and pop restaurant that serves only traditional Costa Rican food. Perhaps you’d like a place where the locals and American expats alike are friendly and welcoming. I know of such a place-Playa Potrero.

Playa Potrero is a small community in Guanacaste Province with beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets, a slow pace, and a friendly populace. Here, you meet as strangers, and depart as friends. Whether you like to explore the jungle, or relax on the beach, Potrero has something for you. If you want to experience the traditional food and culture of rural coastal Costa Rica, Potrero has it. If you prefer a dining experience that is more upscale and has familiar American food options, Potrero has that as well.

When you come to Potrero, come see us at The Whiskey Howler. Here, we treat every guest like family and offer accomodations that are unique and competitively priced, while being in a central location to experience all that Potrero has to offer. We look forward to seeing you!