More Experiences Near Playa Potrero

The most compelling aspect of the Pacific Coast of Guanacaste Province by far is the beaches. We’ve talked at great length about those in our previous articles, so I’d like to do something a little different and discuss some common nearby activities for visitors other than laying on the beach.

Before discussing places to visit, we should mention that one very popular option we recommend to all visitors is to rent a golf cart to get around to all of the various destinations on the coast. These are no ordinary golf carts.These are gas powered golf carts that comfortably seat four passengers, and are completely street legal. The carts are equipped with lights so they can be operated safely at night, and are by far one of the best ways to get around while visiting this part of Guanacaste Province.

Boat Tours are a great option for seeing the coast from the other side. We particularly recommend the stellar sunset snorkeling and sailing trip from Playa Potrero for a phenomenal combination of spectacular views, snorkeling, and dining. The opportunity to explore a primo snorkeling location that is teeming with wildlife such as turtles, rays, and porpoises is another superb aspect of this unque and wonderful opportunity. The quality of the food served at dinner is superb as there is usually a fresh catch served for dinner. After dinner concludes, the opportunity to relax with a drink and watch the spectacle that is a Costa Rican sunset is simply wonderful. There are other options that simply involve one primary activity-whether sightseeing, fishing, snorkling, or watching the sunset-and these are also wonderful and highly recommended.

ATV Tours are another unique opportunity in this region. These tours are guided by locals and offer another unique opportunity to get to some out of the way locations not necessarily accessible by car. Our experience has been that the local guides are super helpful, and will usually accomodate any specific requests for a particular type of tour. You can take an ATV tour to unique secluded beaches, snorkeling locations, and much more. One particularly fun ATV tour outing is near Tamarindo, about 45 minutes south of Potrero. This is the ATV zipline tour where you travel to ride the ziplines under the beautiful forest canopy for a few hours, then you can head back to the beach to enjoy the sunset! It’s an opportunity unlike any other, and well worth the trip.

In conclusion, we’d love to meet you when you visit beautiful Playa Potrero. Once you experience the beauty of this lovely corner of coastal Costa Rica, you’ll never be the same again.