Enjoy Sport Fishing In Playa Potrero & Guanacaste

Costa Rica is one of the most visited sport fishing destinations in the world. This is primarily due to the ready availability of three of the most popular sport fish species, the presence of significant infrastructure, and the fact that Costa Rica is already a tourist destination. People flock to Costa Rica from all over the world for a uniquely wonderful sport fishing experience.

Playa Potrero is a sought after destination for sport fishing as well as for sun, fun and relaxation. Given the long history of Playa Potrero as a fishing village, it is no surprise that sport fishing is a common form of recreation here as well. At the water’s edge, friendly bilingual local guides ply their trade, offering their boats for a wonderful day of deep sea fishing for sailfish and marlin, as well as coastal fishing for rooster fish, mackerel, and snapper. As an added bonus, it is common to see sea turtles, dolphins, and whales during fishing trips.

If you are coming to Playa Potrero for the serene atmosphere and superb sport fishing, there is another destination you should know about. Mere steps from the serene and beautiful Playa Potrero beach, in the former fishing village of Playa Potrero, lies a unusual vacation value. The Whiskey Howler is an unique combination of cabin style lodging coupled with a bar and grill that offers sumptuous food, a breezy tropical atmsphere, and fun live entertainment nightly. The eclectic decor, superb food, attentive staff, and wonderful atmosphere make the Whiskey Howler a must visit during your sport fishing trip.

Image of fishing rods on a boat, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica