A Visit To Playa Potrero

Costa Rica should be on your international destination list! It really has it all from wonderful beaches to the rain forest and more. Best of all, it is a relatively easy destination to reach from the United States. Your biggest challenge may be narrowing down where in Costa Rica you want to visit. I recommend Playa Potrero in Guanacaste Province. If a truly relaxing and recharging experience is your goal, this quiet beach town should be on your itinerary.

On the beach in Playa Potrero time feels like it slows down. You can truly relax and enjoy the quiet and serene surroundings on the beautiful Costa Rican Pacific coast. It is common to be greeted heartily by Americans here, as Guanacaste Province has become a hub for expatriated Americans, as there are two international schools just a short drive from Potrero.

The sunsets on the Pacific Coast are spectacular. So beautiful, in fact, that tourist aboard the sunset cruise boats will actually pause their drinking and dancing to take pictures of the sunset. It is also a wonderful experience just to simply relax on the beach as the sun slowly sets in one of nature’s most striking displays of beauty.

Speaking of the sunset cruises, this is a wonderful way to enjoy a panoramic view of the coast, and have some fun in the bargain. It is a worthwhile experience to board a catamaran in Potrero. The drinks are cold, the staff are friendly and courteous, and the views are to die for. I highly recommend visiting Playa Potrero in Guanacaste province for a laid back and relaxing vacation unlike any other.

Image of the Beach and Sunset, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica